Aug 272010

WildObs Naturalist 2.0 and WildObs Lookout 2.0 are available in the iTunes App Store.

Both these WildObs products now contain the functionality of WildObs Observer (to record any encounter along with time/location/photograph) but also provide their own features on top. This allows you to pick the WildObs application that is right for you, and stick with that one application.

WildObs Naturalist also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records, recent and most viewed, and view your species – favorites, wishlist, and life-list
  • Find new wildlife locations around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Find new wildlife species around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Map your recent/local wildlife encounters.

Use your encounters to find nature...

WildObs Lookout also let’s you:

  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters
  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters for species from your favorites/wishlist
  • View what your network of observers are seeing.
  • Checkout the wildlife at nearby willdife spots (based off other observer’s encounters.)

See what others have seen...

Feb 112010

Use WildObs Lookout to find your nature:

  • Find nearby encounter from the WildObs community (including for your favorite and wish-list species.)
  • Find nearby wildlife places (National Parks, State Parks, and more.)
  • Browse encounters from the WildObs community.

The latest WildObs Lookout is in the App Store:

WildObs Lookout menu: find, community, config

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Find Nearby Encounters:

WildObs Lookout: Nearby Encounters

Find nearby nature with WildObs Lookout

View an Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: view the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Show the Species:

WildObs Lookout: Species

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Map the Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: Map the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Nov 242009

WildObs Lookout is the latest iphone application to join the WildObs family of wildlife iphone applications. Lookout allows you to find nature around you (to “keep a lookout”) and get some ideas of what wildlife you could experience. Let crowd-sourcing help you get away from the crowds and experiencing nature…

Are you visiting a park for the first time, are you looking for something new around you? Do you have an itch to experience something new? Let the many amazing wildlife observers in the wildobs community lead you to nature. See what others are seeing, and tune in to the wildlife around you:

  • Lookout is location based, it shows you encounters around where you are.
  • Dive into each encounter:
    • Map the encounters, include your current location, launch Google maps for driving directions.
    • Expand photographs for greater detail.
    • Explore the species (locally, on wildobs and on the Internet w/ and Wikipedia.)
    • Find more local encounters for the species.
  • Browse community encounters:
No WildObs account is required, and there is no requirement to record wildlife yourself. However, with a WildObs account you can also:

WildObs Lookout 1.0

Find your nature…

Lookout for nature...

Lookout for nature...

Dig into each encounter:

View the encounter

View the encounter

Map any set of encounters (local or wide spread):

Map wildlife encounters

Map wildlife encounters