Jan 232012

I stopped by and took a few photographs. The location is 39° 44′ 24.72″ N 105° 13′ 9.60″ W. (aka 39.7402, -105.219333)

This is the technology-enabled wildlife crossing; notice the overhead lights that increase the visibility in this area. Notice the big yellow warning signs, and the flashing lights (currently off) above and below them.

Technology-enabled Wildlife Crossing - lights, sensors, fencing 

Elk’s Perspective

This is the only break in the high elk fence along this section of the road. Elk/deer soon learned to cross here.


The sensors detects a large body entering the crossing; at which point the system engages the flashing warning lights.


My daughter felt this posting was not complete without sharing a photograph of Elk. Here is an awesome one by Ranger Shaina (Shaina Niehans.)

Elk on a Beach by Shaina Niehans

Elk on a Beach

Update: This wildlife crossing has been recorded.