Nov 092010
Download your species lists

Sample Species List

The web is a wonderfully powerful tool for helping identify and locate wildlife, and mobile phones keep it available in many more places that we go. That said, sometimes it is nice to take  a break from technology. When wildlife spotting that includes being able to print out a species list, to folding it up and stuff it into a backpack or pocket to use as you explore untethered. Knowing what species you might see on a trip, especially those you’ve not seen recently or are new to your life list, really increases the pleasurable anticipation.

WildObs observers can download species lists for WildObs places that have sufficient species data. The lists are grouped by wildlife class, allow a pen/pencil checkmark or tally, and include the scientific name where available.

How much do these species lists cost?

The “price” to observers for these species lists is … that in return for a species list, you please report your wildobs encounters for your visit. Okay, not a serious price, but the sentiment is good. Get from the community, and give back to the community to grow the community knowledge as a whole. If you encounter something not listed on the species list, definitely record it.

Where next?

As more data is available within the WildObs database these species lists will become more informative with information like “common”/”uncommon”, what seasons to expect them and even if they been seen very recently. You can help get us there by submitting your encounters.

Feedback welcomed as always.