Apr 072011
White Breasted Nuthatch Nesting for 2011

White Breasted Nuthatch Nesting for 2011

Saturday the weather allowed some yard spring cleaning, and I noticed the White Breasted Nuthatch beginning it’s season’s work. The (at altitude) nesting season has begun…

I greatly admire this hard working bird, it seems to start earlier than all the other bird, work amazingly diligently to fledge it’s brood, even working (if memory serves) after other birds are done. If I’m in the yard, this bird is in the area, picking out bugs/grubs and hurrying back to the brood. A very industrious garden companion.

Right now we have 9 bird boxes (plus some now ‘squirrel homes’ left over from the previous home-owner) and hope to see mountain chickadee, house wren, tree swallows as well as the various birds that nest w/o boxes.

Hummingbird on Nest

A Hummingbird on Nest by @Margie

This year I am going to make an extra effort to find a hummingbird nest. I doubt I’ll get so lucky as to be able to photograph a hummingbird on the nest (as @Margie has here), but it would be a thrill even to see that wonderfully tiny structure.

It is great to have the nesting season started again.