Feb 202009

WildObs is not just about wildlife encounters you’ve had, it is about wildlife encounters you’d like to have. Listing those animals you enjoy or want to add to your life-list is an import part of setting up your WildObs account.

Much as this feature is a working in progress, the mechanism today is to browse (click or search) to the category (species) page and you’ll see an options to add these to your lists. Say you wanted to add Red Fox to your favorites, go here:


and you’ll notice the options on the right, below “record encounter”.

Managing Lists

Managing Lists

Lists are downloaded to your WildObs Observer iPhone Application for use as quick filters.

The future of critter lists on WildObs

Where WildObs is heading is this:

  • You tell WildObs what you like/love/want and it’ll use those to filter what it shows you.
  • Want to be notified of nearby fresh sightings? Follow @wildobs, and associate this with your WildObs account, and it’ll tweet you with local sightings.
  • Find other observers who share your interests.
  • Create your own custom lists (like tagging a species/category) to group related things, or even just to create shortcuts on your WildObs iPhone Application.

Creating critter lists connects us with those species and allows us to tailor WildObs to our interests.

Feedback please

Feedback would be appreciated, as comments here or ideas on http://feedback.wildobs.com. Feel free to tweet feedback @wildobs.