Jan 062009

I am working on a project (WildObsObserver) that is an iPhone (or iPod Touch) application for Wildlife Observers. Here is the gist so far:

  • Record your wildlife encounter:
    • Select the category (type of critter) from a list: favorites, wish list or all.
    • Current location and current time are determined from the device (if GPS is available.)
    • (eventually) allow an photo to be taken/uploaded. (if available.)
  • View what local critters are at a region (park, mountain, other location).

I want this application for me, to allow me to easily record what I see when in the field & perhaps add a fuller description in my own time. It’ll allow me to develop records on my hikes without me having to remember them or write down the place/time, etc.

Please let me know your thoughts on this application, and especially your ideas for improving it.