Jan 242013

It’s coming up for that time again … Peregrine Falcons (PEFA) monitoring for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP).. Later in the year it’ll be bat monitoring, but I’ll write about that later.

Timestamped Field Notes turns your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a tool for easily taking notes and recording observations in the field. Given how the species that you are doing behavioral observations upon doesn’t wait for you to write down the time, or type out the  actions they took, this application is design for speed of capturing that record. Speed, and (even better) not having to look too closely so taking your eyes off the subject as little as possible. Timestamped Field Notes allows the observer to configure buttons to represent the expected events allowing a single click to record time/event.

Timestamped Field Notes allows you to customize the button text, group buttons into color groups (to easily locate them.) Upon button click a timestamp is created and a (configurable) timeout begins that will automatically commit the record for you unless you add more to it. You can view (and edit if needed) the records.

The buttons (and you can have pages of them if needed) are for quick access, however there is always full text editing capability if needed for those unusual occurrences. The application has a facility to learn about commonly entered text words and will propose buttons.

Export the data using text cut-n-paste into another application, or e-mail to a remote system. Seconds are available. Further you can import and/or export button configurations for sharing with others.

See more about how to use Timestamped Field Notes for Behavioral Observation recording, or check it out int the Apple App Store.

Here is what I’ll be doing with it

Aug 272010

WildObs Naturalist 2.0 and WildObs Lookout 2.0 are available in the iTunes App Store.

Both these WildObs products now contain the functionality of WildObs Observer (to record any encounter along with time/location/photograph) but also provide their own features on top. This allows you to pick the WildObs application that is right for you, and stick with that one application.

WildObs Naturalist also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records, recent and most viewed, and view your species – favorites, wishlist, and life-list
  • Find new wildlife locations around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Find new wildlife species around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Map your recent/local wildlife encounters.

Use your encounters to find nature...

WildObs Lookout also let’s you:

  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters
  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters for species from your favorites/wishlist
  • View what your network of observers are seeing.
  • Checkout the wildlife at nearby willdife spots (based off other observer’s encounters.)

See what others have seen...

Feb 112010

Use WildObs Lookout to find your nature:

  • Find nearby encounter from the WildObs community (including for your favorite and wish-list species.)
  • Find nearby wildlife places (National Parks, State Parks, and more.)
  • Browse encounters from the WildObs community.

The latest WildObs Lookout is in the App Store:

WildObs Lookout menu: find, community, config

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Find Nearby Encounters:

WildObs Lookout: Nearby Encounters

Find nearby nature with WildObs Lookout

View an Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: view the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Show the Species:

WildObs Lookout: Species

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Map the Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: Map the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Dec 162009

WildObsMobile for iPhone allows wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy the WildObs community; access featured, popular and recent encounters as well as look-up species.

Unlike WildObs Observer, which is  designed as an offline tool for field work, WildObs Mobile is an online tool for interacting with the WildObs Community. WildObsMobile utilizes minimal device storage.

Check out this free wildlife iphone application — and allow WildObs to help you find your nature:

WildObs Mobile 1.0 for iPhone

WildObs Mobile 1.0 for iPhone

Available on the App Store
Nov 252009

Want access to your wildlife encounters when you are out an about? Want to know what you saw the last time you visited this park, beach, or location? Want to know what others have been seeing that isn’t on your life-list? If so, then WildObs Naturalist (the latest member of the WildObs family of wildlife applications) is for you.

WildObs Naturalist ... find your nature

WildObs Naturalist ... find your nature

View your recent, local and popular encounters (or encounters by tag):

WildObs Naturalist: Your encounters

WildObs Naturalist: Your encounters

Review your wildlife life-list:

Check your species life list

Check your species life-list

See what others have seen close to where you are that is not on your life-list, then find out where to find those species locally:

WildObs Naturalist - Local species not on your Life-list

WildObs Naturalist - Local species not on your Lifelist

Oct 112009
Lookup wildlife species.

Lookup wildlife species.

Perhaps you are on a road trip out west and want to know if you are seeing a Wolf or a Coyote, a Moose or an Elk, a Goat or a Sheep. Or, conversely you are east of the Rocky Mountains coast and want to know what that glorious red bird is when the locals tell you it is a Cardinal?

Cannot quite remember the name of that bird, but know it is some ‘hummer’ thing, or some ‘blue’ thing? Or, you just want to be able to reference species on demand.

WildObs Lookup make these species and many more available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Perform a lookup of a full or partial name to get a list of all WildObs species that match, including any WildObs known aliases (e.g. cougar for mountain lion.)

See Also

WildObs Lookup also tells you a list of “see also” species, if you lookup a Wolf it’ll suggest you “see also” a Coyote.

Observer Photographs

WildObs Lookup also allows you to view WildObs observer images (perhaps your own, or from others) for the species allowing you to get a variety of different samples to make a more positive identification.

Available in the iPhone App Store

WildObs Lookup is available in the iPhone App Store.

Sep 182009

When WildObs Observer for the iPhone and iPod Touch was conceived, the plan was to develop an offline capable application. Much of wildlife is to be seen where there is no wireless or cellphone connectivity and I wanted to support people getting away from it all, and getting into nature. Also, back then there were tens of species in the WildObs database, but not hundreds/thousands.

Since then the database has grown, the species list is far wider and more exotic, and downloading all the images was taking way too much device resources (especially for the casual observer.) So, here we have WildObs Observer 1.4 with some new settings:

  1. “Show Species Icons” shows you the thumbnail pictures when in the species pages. Turn this off to hide these images and significantly increase scrolling performance.
  2. “Download Images” enables downloading for all images for offline use. It defaults to be off, and when off only those images of species you’ve reported, or use regularly, or are known to be around you are downloaded. All other images are downloaded on demand over WiFi or 3G or phone network.
Version 1.4: Lightening the image load...

Version 1.4: Lightening the image load...

Sep 032009

If you think you see a hedgehog in Colorado, ask WildObs Observer…

WildObs Observer selecting Hedgehog

WildObs Observer selecting Hedgehog

Press “show” to have a look at a picture…

Showing the Hedgehog

Showing the Hedgehog

Press “info” to have WildObs lookup the species for your current location and return the closest encounter for that species…

Hedgehog information

Hedgehog information