Aug 272010

WildObs Naturalist 2.0 and WildObs Lookout 2.0 are available in the iTunes App Store.

Both these WildObs products now contain the functionality of WildObs Observer (to record any encounter along with time/location/photograph) but also provide their own features on top. This allows you to pick the WildObs application that is right for you, and stick with that one application.

WildObs Naturalist also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records, recent and most viewed, and view your species – favorites, wishlist, and life-list
  • Find new wildlife locations around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Find new wildlife species around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Map your recent/local wildlife encounters.

Use your encounters to find nature...

WildObs Lookout also let’s you:

  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters
  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters for species from your favorites/wishlist
  • View what your network of observers are seeing.
  • Checkout the wildlife at nearby willdife spots (based off other observer’s encounters.)

See what others have seen...

Aug 112010

WildObs Observer 2.0 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, see here:

WildObs Observer let’s you record your wildlife encounters (on or offline in the woods), but also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records
  • See what species are around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Lookup a species by name (partial or scientific.)
  • Browse (and comment upon) recent and featured wildlife encounters.

One thing I really enjoy, is that featured encounters are viewable on the home page. Check this and others out …

Enjoy featured wildlife encounter on WildObs Observer

Feb 112010

Use WildObs Lookout to find your nature:

  • Find nearby encounter from the WildObs community (including for your favorite and wish-list species.)
  • Find nearby wildlife places (National Parks, State Parks, and more.)
  • Browse encounters from the WildObs community.

The latest WildObs Lookout is in the App Store:

WildObs Lookout menu: find, community, config

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Find Nearby Encounters:

WildObs Lookout: Nearby Encounters

Find nearby nature with WildObs Lookout

View an Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: view the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Show the Species:

WildObs Lookout: Species

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Map the Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: Map the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

May 192009
North Table Mountain

North Table Mountain

I was preparing a guest posting for the excellent The Grass Stain Guru website and wanted an outdoors photo of WildObs Observer (iPhone application) for the posting. I was taking a hike in one of my current favorite open spaces North Table Mountain and so I took my iPod and my camera. I felt a little weird doing “a photo shoot for an iPod”, and I am no photographer, but I had a fun trip out. [Click any photo for a closer view.]

Perhaps it was because I was slowly moving (taking a photo here, another there) but I also had a very natureful trip. A skunk wandered by me uninterrupted by my presence. Massive bees buzzed past me going about their business. I discovered rock squirrel (a first for me.) I saw lizards and birds I had not seen this season. It was quite a memorable trip.

Colorado is living up to it’s “colorful” name right now with glorious wildflowers, and even a seasonal waterfall. Yes, this open space is one of my favorites right now.

At the start of the trip. I am sure there is a fly catching bird (perhaps Kingbird) in there somewhere, but clearly my arm isn’t long enough to get both the iPod and the critter in focus. [I tried with the skunk, even risking myself by getting close, but the photos just didn't work out.]

Photo Shoot for a Wild iPod

Photo Shoot for a Wild iPod

Ok, a rock … that seems a good place to try. Nice background w/ the mesa:

Rock iPod

Rock iPod

Wildflowers, now there is some color.

Wildflower iPod

Wildflower iPod

Here is what I really came for. Up on top of the mesa some flowering cacti:

Scenary iPod

Scenary iPod

Ok, the water “fall” is a trickle, but still worth a shot:

Waterfall iPod

Waterfall iPod

More blooming cactus:

Flowering Cactus iPod

Flowering Cactus iPod

More color:

Wildflower iPod

Wildflower iPod

Again, a bit of a daft endeavor but a fun way to get some exercise and be outdoors amongst nature.

Apr 102009

One of the first e-mails I received after releasing WildObs Observer was “where is the intro video?”. DOH, that makes sense! Yup, I guess I better get one that (next week.) So, in lieu of that…

First thing to highlight (from working with the users/observers so far) is:

To use WildObs Observer you’ll need a WildObs account. So¬†Sign-up here.

If you cannot log into WildObs Observer using the username/password you signed-up with, the problem is most likely that you have not clicked on the confirmation¬†link in the address confirmation e-mail that WildObs sends you. Maybe your spam filter ate it, maybe it is waiting for you. Please look for that e-mail and click that link (basically to confirm you aren’t a robot spammer.)

Once you have that:

  • Let the application download it’s species lists. The initial download is long/slow, but needs to get done. Please do this while connected to a WIFI network if you can.
  • To record an encounter pick the species (either from the main tab screen with picker, or from the species tab with table view of species) and then press “RECORD”.
  • If you are on an iPhone the location ought be determined via GPS. If it cannot be, or you are on an iPod Touch, pick or enter a new location. WildObs attempts to geo-locate places (although this is imperfect for more remote locations) so enter an description address/placemark name.
  • Press “SAVE” to record the encounter to the local database. The red circle w/ number is how many encounters are locally stored, ready to be uploaded to WildObs.
  • Press “CONNECT” to synchronize your iPhone/iPod with WildObs.
All encounters are recorded on WildObs, sharable with your friends and others, and entered into the WildObs database. Not only do you get an encounter to remember/enjoy, but you help build a live/dynamic database (some citizen science) for species/places.
WildObs Observer is best used to record things, important sightings, unimportant sightings … whatever takes the whim. Be it an American Robin in a park, or a Moose in some wilderness. Record, record, record … it could help somebody else find somebody new for them.

On the back of the record pane there are “Extras”:
  • Tags are a great way to organize observations. Mark encounters with any keyword you think organizes them for you, e.g. “funny” or “road-trip” or “first-of-season”.
  • Syndication: set this if you want the encounter published in feeds (RSS/Atom) or tweeted.
  • Public: set this OFF if you DO NOT want to share with others.
Nice to haves:
Apr 082009

WildObs Observer (the iPhone Application for recording your wildlife encounters) is now available for download from the Apple App Store:

Available on the App Store

Here is the link to the application. It launches iTunes to view/install the application:

Here is a recent screen shot of the application (there are more above):

Notice the NWF logo, that is a shout out to their wonderful Wildlife Watch program. WildObs encounters tweeted for the user by WildObs use the #nwf tag to stream into the NWF WildlifeWatch Twitter Timeline.

Mar 022009

I’d really like to thank all the observers who have tested the WildObs Observer iPhone Application. The feedback has been invaluable. Some of the comments that have shaped the latest release are:

  • Allow capturing an encounter with less clicks from application launch.
  • Simplify the start-up (enter WildObs account, sync with server, get started)
  • Allow easier access to a species (search, indexes, my lists.)

Ease of recording

The front page is now all about capturing an encounter. It presents your customized lists of species (recent entries, local species, favorites, wishlist and more) and allows you to quickly select a species and record your encounter. One can show/hide the lists as needed:

WildObs Observer Front Page

WildObs Observer Front Page

The front page does, also, remind you of recent encounters by selecting up to three at random to show you.

Don’t make me think so hard to get started

A start-up hint on how to use:

Start-up Tip

Start-up Tip

When there are lots of species, make access quicker:

Jump to a given letter (saving scrolling):

Species Index

Species Index

Search for any word (or partial word) within a species name:

Species Search

Species Search