May 022012

One of the best things I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in, for the past few years, is the Raptor Monitoring program of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP.) With conservation efforts, raptors have been recovering in Colorado, and even the re-introduced Peregrine Falcons (PEFA) are gaining in numbers. Volunteers (like me) monitor the nesting area weekly in order to determine territory occupancy, and reproduction productivity.

Peregrine Falcon Monitoring with iPad and iPhone

Field Notes with iPad and iPhone

I’ve been visiting my assigned location for a few years now, and never cease to be amazed by how much I enjoy it. I think of each trip as “another beautiful day in paradise” and it certainly is. I get to watch the change of the seasons, from late winter when the birds return to the area, to deep into summer. The changes of spring are quite thrilling to experience, and each year I feel a little more connected to this place.

I’d barely seen peregrine falcons in the wild, but now I’ve watched the peregrines select their scrape site, mate, incubate their eggs and raise their chicks to fledglings. I’ve heard and seen the awesome PEFA stoops, watched territory disputes, seems PEFA consume their prey, and become party to a wide variety of behaviors. I’ve gone from barely knowing these birds, to feeling somewhat connected. I feel honored.

I carry a pack on each of my monitoring session, and in it I have a notepad and pen in order to record notes. I’ve never cracked open that pad. For some reason I began taking notes in my iPhone, in Apple’s Notepad app, and kept on doing so. It’s taken me a few years to finally get sufficiently frustrated with typing on that keyboard, entering (and re-entering due to typos) times, and spending too much time looking at the phone and not admiring/observing the birds.

I finally wrote this application in order to make taking timestamped field notes a lot easier. I’ve used it on the past few weeks of observations, and it allows me to both record more and observe more. More time watching the PEFA is a good thing.

Aug 272010

WildObs Naturalist 2.0 and WildObs Lookout 2.0 are available in the iTunes App Store.

Both these WildObs products now contain the functionality of WildObs Observer (to record any encounter along with time/location/photograph) but also provide their own features on top. This allows you to pick the WildObs application that is right for you, and stick with that one application.

WildObs Naturalist also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records, recent and most viewed, and view your species – favorites, wishlist, and life-list
  • Find new wildlife locations around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Find new wildlife species around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Map your recent/local wildlife encounters.

Use your encounters to find nature...

WildObs Lookout also let’s you:

  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters
  • Browse recent/local wildlife encounters for species from your favorites/wishlist
  • View what your network of observers are seeing.
  • Checkout the wildlife at nearby willdife spots (based off other observer’s encounters.)

See what others have seen...

Aug 112010

WildObs Observer 2.0 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, see here:

WildObs Observer let’s you record your wildlife encounters (on or offline in the woods), but also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records
  • See what species are around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Lookup a species by name (partial or scientific.)
  • Browse (and comment upon) recent and featured wildlife encounters.

One thing I really enjoy, is that featured encounters are viewable on the home page. Check this and others out …

Enjoy featured wildlife encounter on WildObs Observer

Feb 112010

Use WildObs Lookout to find your nature:

  • Find nearby encounter from the WildObs community (including for your favorite and wish-list species.)
  • Find nearby wildlife places (National Parks, State Parks, and more.)
  • Browse encounters from the WildObs community.

The latest WildObs Lookout is in the App Store:

WildObs Lookout menu: find, community, config

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Find Nearby Encounters:

WildObs Lookout: Nearby Encounters

Find nearby nature with WildObs Lookout

View an Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: view the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Show the Species:

WildObs Lookout: Species

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Map the Encounter:

WildObs Lookout: Map the encounter

Find your nature with WildObs Lookout

Dec 162009

WildObsMobile for iPhone allows wildlife enthusiasts to enjoy the WildObs community; access featured, popular and recent encounters as well as look-up species.

Unlike WildObs Observer, which is  designed as an offline tool for field work, WildObs Mobile is an online tool for interacting with the WildObs Community. WildObsMobile utilizes minimal device storage.

Check out this free wildlife iphone application — and allow WildObs to help you find your nature:

WildObs Mobile 1.0 for iPhone

WildObs Mobile 1.0 for iPhone

Available on the App Store
Nov 252009

Want access to your wildlife encounters when you are out an about? Want to know what you saw the last time you visited this park, beach, or location? Want to know what others have been seeing that isn’t on your life-list? If so, then WildObs Naturalist (the latest member of the WildObs family of wildlife applications) is for you.

WildObs Naturalist ... find your nature

WildObs Naturalist ... find your nature

View your recent, local and popular encounters (or encounters by tag):

WildObs Naturalist: Your encounters

WildObs Naturalist: Your encounters

Review your wildlife life-list:

Check your species life list

Check your species life-list

See what others have seen close to where you are that is not on your life-list, then find out where to find those species locally:

WildObs Naturalist - Local species not on your Life-list

WildObs Naturalist - Local species not on your Lifelist

Oct 112009
Lookup wildlife species.

Lookup wildlife species.

Perhaps you are on a road trip out west and want to know if you are seeing a Wolf or a Coyote, a Moose or an Elk, a Goat or a Sheep. Or, conversely you are east of the Rocky Mountains coast and want to know what that glorious red bird is when the locals tell you it is a Cardinal?

Cannot quite remember the name of that bird, but know it is some ‘hummer’ thing, or some ‘blue’ thing? Or, you just want to be able to reference species on demand.

WildObs Lookup make these species and many more available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Perform a lookup of a full or partial name to get a list of all WildObs species that match, including any WildObs known aliases (e.g. cougar for mountain lion.)

See Also

WildObs Lookup also tells you a list of “see also” species, if you lookup a Wolf it’ll suggest you “see also” a Coyote.

Observer Photographs

WildObs Lookup also allows you to view WildObs observer images (perhaps your own, or from others) for the species allowing you to get a variety of different samples to make a more positive identification.

Available in the iPhone App Store

WildObs Lookup is available in the iPhone App Store.

Oct 072009

The list-based species selector (with birds, mammal, etc.) was intended to simplify lookup, and speed things up when focus ought be spent on the critter ahead. Unfortunately as the lists have each grown with new species, and the number of custom lists (such as favorites, recent, local) remains low, there are still times when lookups are hard. As such a “work in progress” feature was added to WildObs Observer 1.4 to allow a lookup based upon a few characters typed.

Note: This feature is also incredibly useful for when looking up (say) a “goldfinch” but WildObs has it listed as either an “American Goldfinch” or an “European Goldfinch”, neither under “G”.

Go to the standard iPhone Settings app to access “Observer” settings. Scroll down to the bottom for this one:

How to turn on work-in-progress features...

How to turn on work-in-progress features...

Then, next time you start WildObs Observer you’ll notice a “search icon” on the toolbar:

Notice the search icon on the toolbar...

Notice the search icon on the toolbar...

Pressing the search (or filter) icon will allow you to reduce the number of items in a list with jsut a few characters typed.

Search/Filter into a species list with a few characters...

Search/Filter into a species list with a few characters...

There are a few things to work out with this mechanism (including does it move across lists, e.g. if selecting ‘gold’ when on birds and move to mammals does it reset of remain) but it is available. Please do provide us with feedback on how this works for you.

P.S. Also, even without this new “work in progress” feature there already is species search in the species tab:

Species search exist also.

Species search exist also.