Jan 132014
Screenshot of the Daily Bird App showing the frontscreen

Daily Bird App from BirdsEye Birding

Disclaimer: I played a part in developing this mobile app for BirdsEye Birding. :-)

There is a new birding app out from BirdsEye Birding, it is a virtual Daily Bird Calendar. Is pulls data from their large database of bird facts and photographs, and challenges the birder with an unidentified photo ripe for bird identifications.

If you are not comfortable making an identification you can ask the app by tapping to get more details. One tap and you’ll see the common and scientific names, any bird codes (e.g. PEFA for Peregrine Falcons), some information about the species and details of the photographer and photograph (such as f-stop, exposure, ISO settings, etc.)

If you are a Birds Eye or Bird Log user it will quickly take you to the real-time information from eBird, or allow you to submit to eBird.

This app is good way to learn more about birds, improve your bird identification skills, and have some fun.

Daily Bird App

Check out some of the bird identifications made on Twitter:

Jan 242013

It’s coming up for that time again … Peregrine Falcons (PEFA) monitoring for Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP).. Later in the year it’ll be bat monitoring, but I’ll write about that later.

Timestamped Field Notes turns your iPod, iPhone or iPad into a tool for easily taking notes and recording observations in the field. Given how the species that you are doing behavioral observations upon doesn’t wait for you to write down the time, or type out the  actions they took, this application is design for speed of capturing that record. Speed, and (even better) not having to look too closely so taking your eyes off the subject as little as possible. Timestamped Field Notes allows the observer to configure buttons to represent the expected events allowing a single click to record time/event.

Timestamped Field Notes allows you to customize the button text, group buttons into color groups (to easily locate them.) Upon button click a timestamp is created and a (configurable) timeout begins that will automatically commit the record for you unless you add more to it. You can view (and edit if needed) the records.

The buttons (and you can have pages of them if needed) are for quick access, however there is always full text editing capability if needed for those unusual occurrences. The application has a facility to learn about commonly entered text words and will propose buttons.

Export the data using text cut-n-paste into another application, or e-mail to a remote system. Seconds are available. Further you can import and/or export button configurations for sharing with others.

See more about how to use Timestamped Field Notes for Behavioral Observation recording, or check it out int the Apple App Store.

Here is what I’ll be doing with it