Jan 052010

In 2009 I was moved to share some thoughts on how beautiful things are around here allowing me to savor the moments, and start my day with positive thoughts. At times, I was even a little poetic.

I enjoyed these tweets and was saddened to find that they soon disappeared from the Twitterverse, not even being found by a search for #ABDIP.

Recently I realized that even with the Twitter API one cannot extract more than a few thousand Tweets from Twitter. Luckily I’ve not hit that limit, and as a healthy thing to do to start 2010 I elected to export the tweets of 2009 for my own safe keeping.

As such I recently started using a service from backupify.com to backup my “online presence” (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and I created this list below using the somewhat techie (but perfectly up to the task, Thank you!) TwitterBackup (one of a few from this list) then extracting just the #ABDIP.

  • @Coastalartist Not sure how long you’ve been saying this, but I’ve noticed a couple of times now, and smiled each time. Start tag #ABDIP :-)
  • Off to have kindergartners read to me, then a day (possibly offline) down in the flatlands. #ABDIP
  • The snow has started, two inches so far, 20 more expected. I’d forgotten how beautiful a winter wonderland is (with power/network.) #ABDIP
  • Winter wonderland, birds galore (including Crossbill) grateful for the feeder. Wonderful to watch from *inside*. #ABDIP
  • Snow on ground, roof overhead, migraine gone. Another beautiful day in paradise. #ABDIP
  • Bright but *breezy* day in CO. Walls/windows working keeping out the cold, cold, cold. #ABDIP
  • Nothing unusual around here today. Snow coming. Wonderful calm/gentle day. #ABDIP
  • Deep snow on the ground, blowing in the air (off the trees), birds on the feeders, blue skies. #ABDIP
  • Taking daughter/mum to Barr Lake CO to see what we can see (bald eagle, water fowl) before another snow storm tonight. #ABDIP
  • Snow snow snow, lots of the white fluff stuff. Hard to believe hummers could be here in a week or two. Pretty. #ABDIP
  • Snow is stacked up, all fluffy (and non-threatening). Cold. Woodpeckers, Flickr, Finches on the feeder. Wonderful morning. #ABDIP
  • Snow deep, yet melting. Pretty, but cabin fever, so took a virtual #playoutdoors w/ @natureguystudio sounds: http://bit.ly/2Caaj #ABDIP
  • New blog post: Another Beautiful Day In Paradise #ABDIP http://blog.wildobs.com/2009/04/06/another-beautiful-day-in-paradise-abdip/
  • Snow is melting gracefully. Warm & Sunny. Bluebirds are rematerializing after the last few weeks. Broad-tailed hummers soon? #ABDIP
  • Enjoying a wonderful red-sky dawn in CO. Light clouds make for the best sunrises. #ABDIP
  • Contorted and wispy clouds are moving thro the skies. Dramatic. Weather changing in CO today. Refreshing to observe. #ABDIP
  • Sun breaking thru the frosty haze. Blue skies above a cloud layer. Should be nice today. #ABDIP
  • Snow here at Lake George, once more a Winter Wonderland. Bluebirds, Abert’s Squirrel, Nuthatch, Red-winged B’bird. No hummer yet. #ABDIP
  • Calm quiet day, despite fierce red sunrise. Hoping for hummers today; scouts at least. #ABDIP
  • Calm day. Snow melting. Still no hummers, but Townsend/Golden Mantle/Chipmunk visiting regularly. Clear skies. #ABDIP
  • Foggy, wet: sleet/snow/rain confusion. Good moisture. (Good for those pesky moles in my remains of a lawn!) #ABDIP
  • Snow. Lots of it. 1′ today, 1′ tomorrow. Things are white. #playoutdoors = shoveling this weekend! Still wonderful. #ABDIP
  • Calm (clouds on the distant horizon, skies blue) after the storm. Some trees gone, some changed forever, some rebounded. #ABDIP
  • Bright day, birds are active everywhere, things returning to normal as the deep snows quickly melt. #ABDIP
  • Moon/Venus rose over hill, hummer visited at dawn, snow melting, spring sprung. Another beautiful day in paradise. #ABDIP
  • Going to be an 80 degree day in CO today, going to #workoutdoors in a park and enjoy some native colleagues. #ABDIP
  • Surroundings still look tired from the snowstorm. More sun today & snow almost gone. Clean-up treetops this weekend. #ABDIP
  • A dusting (3-4 inches) of snow today. Nothing. ;-) Sure it’ll be melted by afternoon. Colorado’s wonderfully odd weather. #ABDIP
  • Low lying cloud (fog from melting snow) carpets below the snow capped mountains of the continental divide. Indescribably beautiful. #ABDIP
  • Hummers here regularly now. Blue skies, snow capped mountains. Greening up. #ABDIP
  • Sky is bright and blue, mountains stark with white tops. Birds are active, bugs are crawling, critters are crittering. #ABDIP
  • Fog is lifting. Moon peeking through high above dusky blue. Wet cold mysterious day. #ABDIP
  • More fog. Water dripping of trees, droplets on bushes. Silent, peaceful, still, calm. #ABDIP
  • Grey morning, snow falling over divide, yet CO greening up nicely w/ spring here. Wren home for season. Going hiking… #ABDIP
  • Wren charming the world with song, hummers mixing it up, blue skies w/ creative clouds. #ABDIP
  • Skies cloudless. Wren charming. Hummers looping. Tree swallows home for season!!!! #ABDIP
  • Today is a wonderful spring day. Wren, Towhee singing strong. Hummers, Swallow filling the skies. Cannot resist a second #ABDIP
  • Contemplating my daily #ABDIP tweet I realized how much I enjoy/respect/value this community’s tweets. You are a dawn chorus.
  • Humid day; clouds/mist an ominous presence. Hummer feeders full, birds active. Vole feverishly stashing grass. #ABDIP
  • Frosty snow slush turning to rain. So unlike Colorado with fog & mist rolling through. Dark wet green. #ABDIP
  • Thin mist racing to burn off. Fresh white mountain tops. Damp from all the rain, but bright with blue skies. Lots of life. #ABDIP
  • Sun busting through dramatic clouds. Swallows checking out the nesting accommodations. #ABDIP
  • Aspen buds are erupting into delicate & beautiful green leaves everywhere. Feels like fledgling trees. Sun. #ABDIP
  • Tree swallows have re-claimed their perch on the deck railing, checking out their boxes. Bright and sunny. #ABDIP
  • Gentle red sunrise, mountains holding some snow, sunny day. Perfect day to go clean up the fallen trees. #ABDIP
  • Grey day in CO. Contorted white clouds dancing up through the canyons from the flatlands below. Day otherwise calm. #ABDIP
  • Hybrid-wolves howling, turkeys chattering, tree swallows swooping, wildflowers blooming. Life is full & skies are blue. #ABDIP
  • Swallows nesting, Towhee mewing, Hummers looping. Grasses greening up, Aspen leafing up. Gonna be hot today. #ABDIP
  • Down in Golden today, quick walk along North Table Mountain. King Birds, Jay busy w/ life. Thin cloud over a warm day. #ABDIP
  • Hazy day. Clouds creeping along, building over the reservoir then sinking out the flatlands. Birds going nuts as usual. #ABDIP
  • Persistent rain. Locked in fog. Bedraggled hummers quietly feeding. Lilacs loving it & showing it with bloom. #ABDIP
  • Divide fresh with white snow, wisps of fog in valleys. Wren song dominating the air waves, Swallows the blue skies. #ABDIP
  • Western Tanager chasing his would-be mate bring bright flashes to the green canopy. Wildflowers yellow to match. #ABDIP
  • Our ‘colony’ of tree swallows are painting masterful strokes on a blue sky canvas. Accompanying musicians: wren/towhee. #ABDIP
  • @SeasonalWisdom Thanks. I am enjoying my morning ‘another beautiful day in paradise’ #ABDIP tweets more and more. Starts my day well. :-)
  • Wet rainy day. Cold, but always a good things for dry Colorado. Flowers are loving it. #ABDIP
  • Thin mist destined to burn off into the blue skies. Wren chasing wren. Nuthatch fledging saying “feed me, feed me” in the box. #ABDIP
  • Plush green day (again) in Colorado. Wren claiming it’s third nesting box, swallows sitting, hummers relaxed. Lilacs still aromatic. #ABDIP
  • Still and calm in Colorado (after 9 days of chaotic weather.) Wildflowers colorfully dominating the ground & perfuming the air #ABDIP
  • Hummers, wren, nuthatch, flycatcher, towhee all in their proper places, doing their thing. Good start to a (to be) hot day. #ABDIP
  • Wren disposing of pellets, swallows/chickadee nesting, nuthatch fledging. Green subtly succumbing to summer heat. #ABDIP
  • Ground squirrel owning the deck/yard since doglessness. Blue skies like we’ve not seen in weeks. Beautiful day. #ABDIP
  • Robin singing proudly from the treetop, bluebird bringing bugs, hummers looping. Goslings, ducklings, coote young swim. Blue skies. #ABDIP
  • Early dawn chorus to wonderful blue skies. Lilacs hanging in. Columbine blooming. #ABDIP
  • Last evening’s carpet of hail led to mist in the valley from the morning sun. Towhee mews hauntingly to enhance the effect. #ABDIP
  • Sensory overload on dawn hike. Amber sky, glorious colorful/scented flowers, birds, bugs and me. Home to same. Good morning! #ABDIP
  • Hail storms and blistering heat are finally quashing the lilacs/wildflowers. Thanks for a eye popping/nostril flaring spring though! #ABDIP
  • End of another beautiful day in paradise. #ABDIP
  • RT @wildobs: End of another beautiful day in paradise. #ABDIP <– Err … Where is my photo? Twitterific #fail!
  • Gloriously bright & rich sunrise wakening the usual cast. Blue skies. Second broods, first broods, lots of activity & life #ABDIP
  • Fox working the bank. Strands of spider web floating on thermals, and glistening in the sun. Acrobatic swallows. Wrens moving again. #ABDIP
  • Bat-box mounted, wren (with or without uhaul ;) are still confused where they live, sun climbing, columbine blooming. #ABDIP
  • Big rains last night, huge lightening, everything soggy and the world moving a little slow this morning. Sun drying us all out. #ABDIP
  • Fantastic dawn kayak on the lake; mist, beaver, yellow headed b’bird & coot nests, heron. Absolutely awesome. #ABDIP
  • Sunlight streaming thro campfire smoke. Birds, bugs and critters waking early. #ABDIP
  • Thin blanket of haze covering the mountains adding character to the sunrise before a blue skies day. Birds gently meandering. #ABDIP
  • I love having the background noise of hummers gently clicking as the dawn unfolds #ABDIP
  • Patchwork dawn full of quiet & creative entertainment. Robins milling to start a day of berrying. #ABDIP
  • Cool misty day signaling the coming of Fall … my favorite Colorado season. #ABDIP
  • Sat atop Coal Creek Peak after midnight in awe at the view thousands of feet below, and hundreds of mile around. Lightening strike. #ABDIP
  • Quiet day in the woods; warm below blue skies w/ a touch of fall. Could the robins & friends be full w/ berries to spare? #ABDIP
  • Sunny morning. A pine squirrel hangs upside down precariously on the tips of branches to get new cones. Winter preparations. #ABDIP
  • Flowers are in ‘yellow phase’; a variety of them out from big (like sunflowers) to little. I love coordinated wildflower collections. #ABDIP
  • Earnest activity as things prepare for winter throughout fall. Calm time of year. Blue skies, less smoke. #ABDIP
  • Bears & Robins w/ berries. Turkey w/ bits-n-bobs. Deer grazing. Birds debugging trees. All after a rich red sunrise. Busy morning. #ABDIP
  • Dawn kayak on the lake. Coot families thriving this year, scads around. Red skies, red rock cliffs. Full moon a bonus. #ABDIP
  • Few hummers remain these crisp/chill fall mornings. Good luck little guys. Safe travels. #ABDIP
  • Bright blue skies after a day of mist and cloud. Fresh white snow (the first of the season) on the continental divide. Wonderful. #ABDIP
  • The cacophony of birdsong around the bustle of bird activity is invigorating on this calm fall day. #ABDIP
  • Mist from evaporating snows creeps thru the valleys. Brisk and beautiful. #ABDIP
  • #ABDIP http://yfrog.com/5yalhj
  • Cool air, blue skies, snow melting around, wolves howling up the hill. Another beautiful day in paradise… #ABDIP
  • Snow aging on the ground, skies blue, blizzards sitting on the divide, birds chattering. Good day to be. #ABDIP
Apr 062009

Recently, I’ve taken to posting #ABDIP each morning. It started because I observed @coastalartist doing similarly, and felt it was a glorious way to start the day; to focus on the wonderful & value the gift of life. Here in Colorado that isn’t hard, things are often so amazing.

This morning (a Monday morning in many ways) I wasn’t ready to settle down to work so I decided to walk the dog, and get the days juices flowing. Bright white snow everywhere (a foot or more, but fluffy/melting not cold/freezing) and bright blue in the sky. Typical Colorado winter.

Just slightly up the hill the distinctive tracks of turkey are everywhere. Their long scaly legs allow them to wander in the woods, but in deep snow they enjoy a break of a snow-plowed road, like we all do. A fox had a similar idea, or maybe was sniffing after a turkey dinner.

The snow is thick, still hanging in the evergreen trees. Wind blows the occasional ‘glistening showers’ down to the ground; briefly they shimmer in the sunlight. The morning sun melts the snow, which drips to form into hanging icicles. The fields are covered with pristine smooth blankets of white (uninterrupted, except for the occasional critter track.) The damp bark of the ponderosas gives reds, the needles deep greens, the cones browns; all stand out against the snow enveloping them. All this works to deliver a “winter wonderland” to match any holiday scene.

Truly #ABDIP. Twenty minutes well spent.