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Mar 162011

Want to know more about the watchable wildlife around you? Want to know the spots that people in your area are visiting to find their mammals, birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and more?

The (no more than weekly) WildObs Wildlife Update e-mail brings you encounters from the WildObs wildlife database centered around you.

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Feb 232011

If you love getting out and about in the USA you probably already know the amazing people at US-Parks.com, and know that they provide you with online information on national parks & monuments, scenic byways, getaways, and even hiking trails. They are passionate about the great outdoors, and have developed an amazing site to help you plan your outdoor adventures.

US-Parks.com Website

Visit the US-Parks.com website...

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park by US-Parks.com

So, we are very pleased to announce that…

WildObs and US-Parks.com have partnered to add wildlife encounters to their outdoor information.

So now, along with all the information you need on Yellowstone National Park from park information to lodging and more, you can now get your information on plants and wildlife of Yellowstone brought to you by the WildObs community.

US-Parks are adding WildObs encounters to their already impressive wildlife & park pages, allowing people to get a feel for what species have been seen recently, and what they could be lucky enough to encounter.

If you are looking for American Bison, or perhaps want to see the tufted ears of the Abert’s Squirrel, you can find out about either of them on the US-Parks Mammals pages. Go check out the US-Parks.com site, you’ll be amazed at all you can find.

For the WildObs community, our crowd-sourced wildlife database gets better with each new viewer, and subsequent new contributor. An encounter with a new species at a local wildlife place could become the inspiration for that next trip, that new ‘lifer’ (new species on life-list) or wonderful photography subject. The more who share their nature, the more we can all find our nature.

Please share your nature.

Feb 012011

As the WildObs database continues to grow we can start to do some fun queries. Let us know if you have more information you’d like to see. Here are the top reported species for November. Do you have these on your life-list?

The top 10 places reporting encounters:

Dec 212010

(This post sat in the drafts folder for too long, so I am setting it free. :) )

Original railway across the mouth of Coal Creek Canyon

This year’s closure of highway 72 due to an impact with the bridge by truck have caused more closures than even this year’s train derailment. As such our family trips and commutes between Coal Creek Canyon and Golden/Boulder/Denver have been via Golden Gate State Park and/or Flagstaff (passing Walker Ranch & Gross Reservoir.) These trips have been longer than usual, but glorious in wildlife & scenery.

Coming down through Golden Gate State Park of a morning allows iconically Colorado views of Elk browsing through sun-light streaks and Aspen trees. That atop priceless views out to the snow emphasized mountain peaks of the continental divide. Easier in spring than in the blizzards of winter, and a fantastic drive.

Bighorn Sheep on Highway 6

One return trip we elected to come up Highway 6 (towards Blackhawk, then along Highway 119.) I always enjoy the sights of Bighorn sheep along that route, and maintain it is the local place for Coloradans and tourists to get some fun close-ups of sheep (from the luxury of their car.) This trip was no exception, with 5 males with huge horns right by the roadside. Hugh horns, solid and powerful. Wonderful.

To make another change we took a route via Boulder, Flagstaff mountain and Gross Reservoir. Suddenly a bobcat crosses the road right in front of us. Rather than disappearing into the woods the bobcat chose a group of rocks and bedded down. The cats tail was long, perhaps a foot long, with a white tip.

Interestingly this tail hardly stopped moving, the cat flicked it continually. Note: how the magpie are crying their disapproval at the cat, and a hummer buzzes on by.

Long-tailed Bobcat Video

Here is an unedited clip.

All in all…

All in all, despite quite a lot of disruption to our schedule and increased journey times, there was some real upside to exploring new routes in/out of the canyon.

Dec 092010

As the WildObs database continues to grow we can start to do some fun queries. Let us know if you have more information you’d like to see. Here are the top reported species for November. Do you have these on your life-list?

The top 10 places reporting species…

Oct 232010

Would you like to allow others to be able to share and enjoy your most viewed or most recent WildObs on your personal website or blog? So long as you can insert a bit of JavaScript into your template or page, you can. WildObs will update this widget dynamically as you enter more species and encounters.

Log in to WildObs and visit your WildObs Widget Builder to pick type and style (sizes and colors.) You can make the widget wide or tall, have it blend into your site’s colors, and

You will receive a little snippet of HTML to paste into your website or blog, which will update daily with the your latest encounters. Here is an example of what it can show:

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Note: Some blogs sites do not allow JavaScript to be placed into the template. If you have any problem embedding this widget please contact me at @wildobs and I’ll do my best to get things sorted.

Aug 112010

WildObs Observer 2.0 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod, see here: http://wildobs.com/about/observer

WildObs Observer let’s you record your wildlife encounters (on or offline in the woods), but also let’s you :

  • Browse all your records
  • See what species are around your location, based off other observer’s encounters.
  • Lookup a species by name (partial or scientific.)
  • Browse (and comment upon) recent and featured wildlife encounters.

One thing I really enjoy, is that featured encounters are viewable on the home page. Check this and others out …

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