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Apr 302009
Hummer on a Stick

Hummer on a Stick

Reduce hummer stress: place feeders around your property out of sight of each other.

Hummingbird males (at least our broad-tailed hummingbird males) like sticks.

They like a vantage point to oversee their territory, to dominate all in sight. They terrorize any males that come into range (even if merely flying by) and hound any poor females stopping on a feeder to grab a rest and a bite (ok slurp.) These sticks are what they need in order to be mini masters of their domain.

So, don’t create a vantage stick? Don’t support this little megalomaniac? Maybe, but they’ll be little the same little bleeder anyway, just from a nearby branch or a bush.

If you put up the stick and attract them to it, at least you get some say in the matter. You can locate it such that he cannot see another feeder hidden around the corner of the house allowing those nesting females a break.

Literally within minutes of me putting this stick up we had a settler. He gave himself a good stretch and made himself at home.



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Dec 112008

I was busy remembering my daughter, her tennis racquet/socks/shoes, Daisy Guides paperwork, two dogs, dog water bowl (refilling their water), leashes, my hiking boots, two cameras, my laptop (since I’ll be working on the road today), my ipod touch, my daughter’s ipod, and I forgot my constant companion … my binos. AAARRGGHHH!!!

I travelled up Clear Creek Canyon today, just for a short trip, but still enough to regret this mistake.

I saw a herd of mulies high on the hill, or were they sheep? I’ll never know. I saw two golden eagle flying above the cliffs, but I wasn’t certain of what they were. I saw a log, or was it a mountain lion reclining and surveying the prey below. I watch another golden arch into an all out dive, land on a crag, yet I didn’t see what it did there for a few minutes. I saw enough of a few things to realize how much I missed those binos to get clarity at distance.

Oh, and while I am thinking about this, binocular straps (for carrying them all day long on your chest without any weight on your neck) are a must have.

Binos. Don’t leave home without them.