May 222013

Unfortunately the Boulder County Fairgrounds Osprey Camera suffered another outage, and it’s season is over. That said, it presents the opportunity for those in the surrounding area to go visit it, and share updates. Here is one…

Osprey at Cattail Pond, Longmont, Coloardo

Because in the real world these Osprey are easy to find, it was harder than expected to do so online. After finding reference to the Osprey being at Cattail Pond in some news articles, we found that on the Boulder County Fairground map. That said, when driving along Hover Road we easily spied the nesting structure and could park very close; just North/East of the Outdoor Arena.

After weeks (almost months) of watching these birds only from the perspective of the camera it was fun to see their pond, and the whole structure (including solar panels.) The first thing we learned was that while one bird is on the nest, the other is likely hanging out on the pole at the far end of the pond (see that pole/bird far right in the photo above?)

We were treated to a nest exchange and so got wonderfully close views of both the male and the female. They seem so much smaller off camera. Clearly they are incubating. I wonder how many eggs they are sitting atop now.

This is a small (and urban) setting, but was well worth a visit. Great Blue Heron, Geese (with Goslings), Huge Carp, Swallows, Red-winged Blackbirds, Robins, Butterflies and Dragonflies … and, of course, Osprey.

Male Osprey

Female Osprey

Female Osprey

  • Jim Braswell

    Looks like a wonderful place for wildlife! Sure wish we had osprey in my area … they are so interesting to watch, esp. when fishing!

  • Adam Jack

    I wonder what stage the nestlings will be in when you journey to Colorado. Maybe worth stopping in to see them…

  • Joe

    Last weekend at Barker Res. in Nederland I was treated with a front row seat to an osprey catching a fish. Makes me miss the camera. I too was curious about the location and was able to find the pole in Google Maps. The cattails and fence in the background on the camera and the fact that it is Boulder Fairgrounds finally gave it away.

  • Adam Jack

    Joe, Seeing an Osprey catch a fish is quite a treat. I’ve added this pin to Google Maps to mark where I think the nest platform is: