Jan 132013

UPDATE 1/18/2013: NOT Hacked.

Tonight I noticed that links on wildobs.com stopped pointing to wildobs.com but to china101.com. Not right. I went to log in to the servers, but was unable to.

Assuming the domain or IP hasn’t been re-routed, then the WildObs servers have been compromised. The links above means that files on the server have been altered. The “lock out” means they’ve compromised processes/configuration.

I’ve taken the servers down to limit their ability to steal or corrupt data.

At this time I do not know what has been done or taken, so I plan on assuming the worst, and reacting accordingly. If you are a WildObs user, the sort of things you should be thinking about are:

- If you created a WildObs account, yet (mistakenly, be best practices) re-used a password you use on other website, then change that password on those sites.

- If you’ve authorized WildObs for you Twitter, Facebook, Google or Flickr account, then perhaps suspend those permissions.

- Have a high index of suspicion on any communication you receive from WildObs for now. WildObs would never ask you for passwords or other sensitive information, so never give it any.

Sorry for this inconvenience and I’ll keep this blog updated.