Feb 152012

Cloud Waves over the Flatirons in Boulder, Colorado

I took a wander down the mountain this morning. With all the snow we’ve had I’ve not been as active as normal, and I made a rookie mistake and forgot my camera (these are iPhone photos), although luckily I had my binoculars.

Elk in the trees at Sunrise, Colorado.

I went looking for mountain lion (I can dream :-) ) and once the sun started coming up I decided to check for Elk. The Elk were everywhere this morning. The deeper snows have led the Elk to find pockets of sun/slope dried grazing. (Notice Elk in the trees there? Oh for my camera, both sunrise through the fog and Elk, could’ve been a fun photograph.)

Apart from some beautiful views of Colorado, and some enjoyable Elk watching, I was treated to a Coyote and a few car-length icicles on the cliffs above. No mountain lion, but a wonderful morning.


Car sized icicles on the cliffs