May 042011

It is definitely a time of change for the critters around me. Lots showing up, although some are late.

The Northern Pygmy Owl is happily calling out to claim it’s territory. I was so lucky to the day I was able to put a sound to this Owl, and be educated that is was a Northern Pygmy Owl. Now I know instantly when I hear it, and I can picture who is calling and why. Sometime I think there might be more than one calling, but maybe it is just moving around. Still, it is a cool and welcome regular companion.

The House Wren showed up again, as have the Golden Mantled Ground Squirrel.

The main notable missing character is the Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Not only did no scouts show earlier this year, but despite me hearing them down on the flat lands (and hearing reports from others) I’ve yet to see them at my place. Given that I normally see hummers in Coal Creek Canyon in April, and then lots in May, this is a strange start to the season for hummingbirds.

At least the Turkey (from the noisy gobbles of the males, and the furtive sneaking of the females) seem hard at work nesting, and the weather seems to be working in their favor this year. Last year was not a good year for reproduction (the weather timing worked against the turkey’s style) so hopefully this year will make up for it.

Change is definitely in the air, and it is fun to watch the critters going about their business.