Sep 162010

WildObs allows you to share your wildlife encounters with your Twitter followers, it also imports your Twitter friends. Recently Twitter improved how applications interact with their site by requiring a user authenticate against their system.  This is good for your security, and your application management, however it requires that for WildObs to continue to tweet on your behalf you need to take a moment to authorize it.

Here is what is required:

Ensure you are logged in to WildObs and Twitter. Then visit this page on WildObs

WildObs makes a request to Twitter, and redirects you here:

Authorizing WildObs access to Twitter

Authorizing WildObs access to Twitter

Once authorized Twitter will return you to WildObs.

WildObs Authenticated

WildObs Authenticated. And you are done.

Once authorized you are done. Right now this is a one time operation, so you ought not need to do this again (and if not indefinitely, for a very long time.)