Jun 072010

We had a glorious weekend here in Colorado. Warm, blue skies, just a perfect day for sitting on the deck after a morning’s kayaking at Gross Reservoir…

While out on the deck the Turkey were audibly and visibly very active; rooting around, gobbling at the world, even some chest bumping squabbles. Generally being Turkeys. A few times we heard their tone change, and felt they were on edge. That made us look more closely to see what was around…

First up came momma bear with junior (not a small bear itself) and we saw/heard them walk ‘through’ our thin fence and enter our yard. I wanted to move them on (not too aggressively, but firmly) so I wandered down the driveway making it clear they were not welcome inside the yard. In the years here we’ve interacted with many bear, so I was able to make my presence felt w/o getting too close, or putting myself in risk. Momma huffed at me a couple of times as junior climbed over there fence and then she followed him. She made it look to easy. Such a big bear, yet so nimble.

Not long after we one again heard the turkeys call, and looking down the hill saw yet another bear:

Large black bear

Bear traveling in opposite direction.

Apparently it was also a good day for bears to be out wandering.