Feb 212010

I was out hiking the other morning and came upon a critter I’d not encountered before. Okay, I’ve seen the species (I believe it was a red fox) however it wasn’t red, nor silver, nor white (albino/leucistic) … it was jet black!

I didn’t know such a coloration existed for a red fox, but doing some research it seems they do occur naturally. This guy was not going to hang around for me to see if s/he had a white tip to the tail, s/he ambled up the hill (with the typical fox bounce in the step) and disappeared over the rise.

S/he left quite an impression with me. A wonderful start to a hike. One more indication of how there is so much new and exciting to learn outdoors…

Black Fox on the Hill

Black against the snow

Black Fox Silhouette

Black, not that a Silhouette can show that

  • Barbara Dix

    I live in Central NY north of Syracuse and tonight at about 5:50 a black fox crossed the road in front of me. I had never seen one before so came to the net looking for info. Another site says 10% of foxes are some form of black. 07/10/10

  • http://WildObs.com Adam Jack

    I heard the black foxes were also selectively bred (for coats) and escaped, which increased the numbers in some areas like mine. Still, crazy cool!

  • Lucy

    Today my husband and I were traveling on I-65 towards Birmingham,AL. We saw a black fox at mile marker 277. The fox was jet black with no white markings of any kind. Beautiful!!!!