Feb 152010

To record your wildlife encounter with WildObs all you need are the what, where, when.

  • What species did you see.
  • Where did you see it.
  • When did the encounter occur.

Here is a short video of the process on the website:

More WildObs videos can be found here http://youtube.com/wildobservations.

Some tips & pointers:

  • Everything is editable, and things like descriptions, photos, videos can be added at a later date.
  • Don’t worry if WildObs doesn’t find your species or location immediately, those can be refined later (including being added to the WildObs database.)
  • Tags (keywords) are comma separated categorizations. E.g. first-of-season.
  • Title and Description are optional, but do enrich the encounter.
  • Syndicate means “this is more than the everyday encounter, it should be published as such”.
  • Public/Private allows you to  record encounters, but not share them with anybody else.

Quickest Record Entry:

This is how the Record your Encounter link button appears on pages

Record your Encounter (with context)

Whenever you see the following link button on the top right of a page you can enter a wildobs, and information from the page you are on will be used as defaults on that wildobs encounter. This can save both typing and look-ups.

  • Species page: The species (what) is defaulted.
  • Place page: The place (where) is defaulted.
  • Encounter page. The species & place are defaulted.
  • Image page. The photograph is defaulted.

For example if you’ve seen another encounter that you’ve posted before, you can press “Record your WildObs” on that encounter to carry over most of t he details (with the time changing to now.)

Thanks for sharing your wildlife, and guiding others to nature.