Jan 042010
Bald Eagle eating fish for supper

Bald Eagle eating fish for supper

To end 2009 we took a family trip to Lake George, CO.

I went up early Christmas afternoon to get the icicles out of the cabin. I arrived shortly before dark and was welcomed by a couple of Bald Eagle. The adult had a fish, perhaps from the ice fishermen or perhaps from the South Platte river. The more cautious bird, apparently a juvenile, stayed behind.

Despite the low light these birds treated myself, and a couple of other wildlife lovers (who gathered in freezing temperatures to take photographs) to a nice close up.

Wow, what a present. :)

The time offline at the cabin was a wonderful family week of sledding, cross country skiing and ice skating and hiking in the hills. Amongst the tracks in the snow (and how I love reading the tracks to see what is where) I found & followed a pair of mountain lion tracks and vicariously enjoyed their stalking the deer.

At times the weather turned bitterly cold, and then the birds and critters came to the feeder. It was great to share the week with these guys…

Stellers Jay -- Whats Up?

Steller's Jay -- What's Up?

Fluffy Seed Eater

Fluffy Seed Eater

Aberts Squirrel ... don't get your tongue stuck!

Abert's Squirrel ... don't get your tongue stuck!