Oct 112009
Lookup wildlife species.

Lookup wildlife species.

Perhaps you are on a road trip out west and want to know if you are seeing a Wolf or a Coyote, a Moose or an Elk, a Goat or a Sheep. Or, conversely you are east of the Rocky Mountains coast and want to know what that glorious red bird is when the locals tell you it is a Cardinal?

Cannot quite remember the name of that bird, but know it is some ‘hummer’ thing, or some ‘blue’ thing? Or, you just want to be able to reference species on demand.

WildObs Lookup make these species and many more available to you on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Perform a lookup of a full or partial name to get a list of all WildObs species that match, including any WildObs known aliases (e.g. cougar for mountain lion.)

See Also

WildObs Lookup also tells you a list of “see also” species, if you lookup a Wolf it’ll suggest you “see also” a Coyote.

Observer Photographs

WildObs Lookup also allows you to view WildObs observer images (perhaps your own, or from others) for the species allowing you to get a variety of different samples to make a more positive identification.

Available in the iPhone App Store

WildObs Lookup is available in the iPhone App Store.