May 222009
Cool Snake Park (aka Van Bibber Park)

Cool Snake Park (aka Van Bibber Park)

Do you have a local park or open space that is just wonderful with wildlife? If it helped get more families to engage and play outdoors would you share it with others? I hope so…

My daughter and I have two criteria for where we get our daily green hours with one being “fun playground equipment with a random smattering of other kids” (guess who picked that one ;-) and the other being “local wildlife”.

Over the last year we have found a some really good spots. Here is the (cool & harmless) snake park. Here is the oriole & king bird park. Here is the biking/scootering owl & waterfowl trail. Also, here is where I go when I need to get a little exercise and be on top of the world, while still remaining close enough to get back on time to shuttle to soccer.

Wildlife is all around us and it is fun & relatively easy to get one’s green hour with wildlife while playing at local parks or on trails. If we share with each other the good parks and open spaces, and what they hold for us, we can appreciate wildlife right in our neighborhoods. Please share your park’s wildife with others.

Here is how to add your park…

If you haven’t already, create your WildObs username, or claim your Twitter username to become a WildObs Observer.

Then, post a wildlife encounter for your favorite wildlife spot. You can use the WildObs website, or (if you have one) your iPhone or iPod Touch. You don’t need to list every species, perhaps just the one or two that make the place special for you.

Put your park on the map. Put it’s wildlife on the map.

Park Sharing Observers

Here are some wonderful observers sharing their parks:

And, quite spectacularly, we have @rangergirl141 sharing  Riverbend Park, FL.