Apr 272009

Apple’s design preferences are to keep application settings in a separate settings application. Chances are you are familiar with this, but if not then press the home button and look for the settings icon:

Settings Icon

Once there, look for the Observer icon amongst the likely many:

Observer Settings

Observer Settings

These are your personal settings and affect how the application work for you. Version 1.0 (the current version) supports the following.

Encounter Defaults

Settings Icon
  • Default Tags — you can set tags (keywords) for all new encounters. For example one might set a tag of “Cornwall2009″ if one was on a vacation for a week or so.
  • Public — this defaults all new encounters to be public, i.e. visible by everyone. This is the preferred default, but you can set it to ‘private’ to keep encounters just for you.
  • Syndicate — this defaults all new encounters to be ‘syndicatable’ (i.e. in your RSS/news feeds and/or delivered to Twitter.)

You can modify any of these setting on a per encounter basis by going to the “extras” view on a record.

General Settings

General Settings
  • Play Sounds — turn this off to suppress noises upon saving an encounter, uploading to wildobs, deleting and others.
  • Shake for Random — turn this off to suppress shake causing the random three encounters on the front page to be re-randomized.

User Settings

User Settings
Semi-self-explanatory, the URL is for beta testing new versions. Don’t touch these (they probably ought not be here) unless you really want to. Better to uninstall to change a user.

Miscellaneous Settings

Misc Settings
  • Show Lists — is a dynamic setting, when you show or hide lists your last choice is recorded for future runs of the application.
  • Default List — is a dynamic setting, as above, and is the last list you chose.
  • Show Tips — allows a simple “tip” to show at start-up. [Needs work.]
  • Verbose Mode — mainly for debugging network connections. Show text during CONNECT.
  • Work in Progress — this is a fun one, any “work-in-progress” features are only enabled with this on. The current such feature is taking a photo (iPhone only) which attaches to the encounter and is uploaded upon next CONNECT. Try it out, let me know how it works:
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