Apr 062009

Recently, I’ve taken to posting #ABDIP each morning. It started because I observed @coastalartist doing similarly, and felt it was a glorious way to start the day; to focus on the wonderful & value the gift of life. Here in Colorado that isn’t hard, things are often so amazing.

This morning (a Monday morning in many ways) I wasn’t ready to settle down to work so I decided to walk the dog, and get the days juices flowing. Bright white snow everywhere (a foot or more, but fluffy/melting not cold/freezing) and bright blue in the sky. Typical Colorado winter.

Just slightly up the hill the distinctive tracks of turkey are everywhere. Their long scaly legs allow them to wander in the woods, but in deep snow they enjoy a break of a snow-plowed road, like we all do. A fox had a similar idea, or maybe was sniffing after a turkey dinner.

The snow is thick, still hanging in the evergreen trees. Wind blows the occasional ‘glistening showers’ down to the ground; briefly they shimmer in the sunlight. The morning sun melts the snow, which drips to form into hanging icicles. The fields are covered with pristine smooth blankets of white (uninterrupted, except for the occasional critter track.) The damp bark of the ponderosas gives reds, the needles deep greens, the cones browns; all stand out against the snow enveloping them. All this works to deliver a “winter wonderland” to match any holiday scene.

Truly #ABDIP. Twenty minutes well spent.

  • http://rhythms-of-light.blogspot.com/ Jen

    You’ve painted such a beautiful scene. Sounds like a great place for a morning walk! I used to live in Colorado and reading this blog post makes me miss it that much more. Excellent post!

  • http://wildobs.com wildobs

    Thanks. I knew I could not do it justice, but I wanted to try to share what I could.

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