Feb 272009

WildObs is integrated with Twitter such that when you post to WildObs it’ll tweet your encounter for you. WildObs wants structured data (i.e. what species, where/when exactly) so entering those into WildObs (rather than it parsing tweets) is much appreciated.

To set this up merely login and visit this page (Manage Account/Profile/Services) and enter your Twitter information. (WildObs checks it against the Twitter servers.)


If you set your Twitter username only (and not your password) then WildObs will direct message you when you post an encounter, just to confirm that encounter and send you think link.

If you set your Twitter username and password (which stored securely) it will tweet your encounter to your followers for you. Here is an example…

WildObs Tweet

WildObs Tweet

It is possible to tweet an encounter to Wildobs (using /d wildobs) but for those with an iPhone that is soon to be replaced by the iPhone Application WildObs Observer.

Please let me know any feedback you have on this, and any ideas for improving it further.