Jan 272009
Frosty Shrub

Frosty Shrub

One of my 2009 goals is to get outside more, at/before dawn if at all possible. I chose today to make progress on that goal. Not my warmest choice.

There was a frost on the ground, trees, everywhere. To say it was frigid would be an understatement. The snow was loud and crunchy underfoot, but preserved tracks wonderfully with fine detail. Tracks of a fox showed it excitedly following after a pine squirrel we’d seen stashing cones in the wood pile, but who was long gone high in a tree. I thought I saw some more rounded tracks, perhaps three legs not four, but later in full daylight I knew I was kidding myself.

I stood amongst the shrubs and trees, looking down the draw and waiting to see if movement caught my eye in the early morning light. I knew I was hoping for another encounter with Tri-Bob, but I wasn’t expecting to be that lucky. Any movement, any sign of life would do. I was practicing slowing myself down and being in the now, just enjoying the nature around. Hard to do when the wind blows icily through your clothing.

The Turkey chatted in the distance, no doubt grumbling that the day was starting out without warming up at all. I felt for them, and then I felt for me. What was I doing out in this freezing cold when all who could avoid it were avoiding it? The animals certainly were avoiding it if they could, no morning wave of birds, no scampering of critters. All was silent.

Time to go back home and get in the warm…

Frosty Aspen

Frosty Aspen

  • Jamie

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for braving the cold and discovering the beauty of nature so i could sit at my desk, warmed by the furnace and the CPU fan, and enjoy all of nature’s wonder. :)

  • Carlie

    Looks like the trees are hairy. That’s really cool..