Sep 082008

The robin are here en mass taking berries from the bushes. A wonderful yearly encounter:

Today is grey; foggy here at 8000 feet (although since we are up in the clouds I don’t know if this counts as fog.) It is a cold and damp. There are a few hummers holding out, seeking shelter from the elements on the feeders under the eaves. Me, I am huddling by a fire.

The robin are amazing to watch, the word “snarfing” comes to mind for their frenzied eating. They strip a bush from top to bottom. Unfortunately for them, an American black bear beat them to many of them:

One thing I’d like WildObs to do for me is act as a reminder service; let me know those robin are coming next month, to increase my anticipation and hence help increase my pleasure. I want to know when the hummers are coming, when the bears will wake or sleep, when the blue birds will be back. WildObs should do that for me.