Aug 132008

White-tailed PtarmiganWhen I first considered some of the community benefits of sharing wild observations I’d think “I might set a goal of ‘observing a Ptarmigan’, and perhaps the WildObs community could help me directly or indirectly”. I picked this species not just because of the great sounding name, but because I truly wanted to see one. I may have seen one in the UK, but I was quite sure I hadn’t in the US.

Indirectly might be “where is the best place to see Ptarmigan around me” or “what recent sightings have been recorded”, and directly might be “You’ve added ptarmigan to your wishlist, go look here for them”. These are things WildObs could facilitate.
This weekend I was lucky enough to encounter some white-tailed ptarmigan at 11K feet above Diamond Lake, CO. Ok, so this time the WildObs community didn’t help me meet that goal, but perhaps I can help others meet it.